Thursday, 9 May 2002

Published 22 years, 1 month past

A long couple of weeks, including a trip to California that got cut a little short.

I fixed the link to the orbit debris story, which disappeared shortly after I linked to it.  Here’s what I find interesting: I linked to it on 23 April.  The URL of the story indicates it was published on 3 May.  So far as I’m aware, I haven’t been time-traveling, so what happened?  In addition, the text of the article is very different than it used to be, including (among other things) a removal of any information about the closing of the Orbital Debris Program Office.  Why would an article literally disappear for ten days and then come back with a much different tone?  I don’t mind writing followup pieces that incorporate new information, of course, but this isn’t a followup.  It’s a replacement.  What happened to the original?  I wish now that I’d saved the original to my hard drive, just to be able to compare.

I’m feeling a little paranoid about this.  Of course, that might be due to watching All the President’s Men last night.

I also notice that the links to the “pure evil in Macs” Web site aren’t working.  I seem to have the ability to evaporate pages and sites just by linking to them.  Boy, if that were true, I’d start linking to so many extremist sites it would make both our heads spin.

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