Monday, 13 May 2002

Published 22 years, 1 month past

Molly, like us and just about everyone we know, is going through a very difficult period in her life.  In a block of text that blurs the line between prose and poetry, she pours a small portion of that turmoil into her Web site.

For some reason Molly’s words made me think of a painting that, without her, I would never have seen: Lu Jian Jun‘s oil-on-canvas work “Deception” “Ear Drops”.  The small image of the painting cannot hope to convey the subtle, exquisitely vibrant luminosity of the original, which I saw at the Weinstein Contemporary Artist Gallery in San Francisco two weeks back.  They have a number of other paintings by the same artist, every one of them beautiful.  If you have the chance, go see the paintings, and do it quickly.  There is a show dedicated to Jun’s work coming soon, and I would not be surprised if every piece is gone by the end of the show.  I didn’t buy “Deception” myself because it would have cost more than the averaged value of an entire floor of my house… but I very much wished that I could.

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