Yeah, My Trust is Soaring

Published 21 years, 2 months past

“With strict enforcement and higher ethical standards, we must usher in a new era of integrity in Corporate America… In the end, there is no capitalism without conscience, no wealth without character,” says the President.  Right.  So why did it take a court order to see the list of people with whom Vice President Richard Cheney consulted on energy policies last year, and when do we actually get to see it anyway?  The White House is still claiming executive privilege and appealing these court decisions, rather like the Nixon administration did in regard to Watergate-related files.

Still, it sounds good, doesn’t it?  “No capitalism without conscience” does have a certain ring to it.  Maybe similar rhetorical devices should be used in the struggle to make standards a priority, in spite of lazy Webmasters.  “No sites without standards, no Web without validation.”  Hmmm… needs work.

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