Web Design World Keynote Available

Published 21 years, 11 months past

The HTML-based slides from last week’s keynote address at Web Design World are now available on my “Speaking” page; note that these slides will only work well in a CSS2 positioning-savvy browser.  Gecko-based browsers and IE/Win both qualify, and IE5/Mac does not in this case.  Other browsers weren’t (and won’t be) checked, although I suspect Opera won’t deal well with my styles either.  Also, given the nature of this presenation, the styles pretty much assume a 1024-by-768 display with the browser window maximized.  After all, that was the projection environment in which I was working.  If the text comes out too big and your browser lets you resize pixel-based text, then go for it.  If it doesn’t, sorry.  You could always use a browser that does.

While I was at it, I put up links to the talks I delivered in May and June of this year; these slides are best viewed in Opera 6 for Windows in “OperaShow” mode (hit F11).  But you can read the content in any browser, all the way back to Mosaic betas, with no real loss of information.

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