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Published 16 years, 9 months ago

The very active mailing list I chaperone, css-discuss, has always had an archive.  However, it was only open to list members so that spammers couldn’t harvest the members’ e-mail addresses, it wasn’t searchable even for members, and it had some stupid display problems that were beyond our control.  I always felt a little embarrassed about sending list members to the archives, but it was all we had.

Well, good news, CSS fans.  List member Simon Willison has put together a very slick public archive of the list where e-mail addresses aren’t exposed, and the incredible depth and breadth of content the list represents is now available to non-members and Google alike.  The archive is even searchable using Boolean terms, so you could run a query to get every post Mark Newhouse has ever made to the list where he mentions floated elements.  For example.

This is an amazing resource, the collected discussion and experience of 2100+ list members now available to the world.  Simon (and his company, Incutio, which is generously hosting said resource and developed the archiving software that drives it) deserve hugs, hosannas, and high praise to the heavens for putting in the effort to make this a reality.  Spread the word.

Speaking of words to be spread, here’s another: DevEdge just got a makeover and a new address.  The legacy site will live where it always did, at developer.netscape.com.  The address devedge.netscape.com will point to the new site, which was laid out and styled by yours truly.  The new site is where we’ve concentrated all of our cross-browser information and work, including scripts and tools you can use today.  Check it out!

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