I Can Feel The Love

Published 20 years, 9 months past

The XBL/Zen Garden thread continues over at Surfin’ Safari, including an interesting (Gecko-only) example of XBL in action and comments from various parties.  Share and enjoy.

I got a bit of feedback on the Color Blender, including a request to make it a downloadable package for offline use.  I’ll probably merge the CSS and JavaScript back into the HTML document, so people can just save the source if they want an offline blender.  I split the styling and scripting out to make development easier, so I probably should have poured them back in before going public.  It’ll be fewer hits on the server, even.  Look for an update in the next couple of days.

Thanks to El Jefe, I discovered that diveintomark.org (whose favicon I may steal) has Eric Meyer on CSS in his “Recommended Reading” section.  I’m blushing!  The book’s sales are actually on the rise, apparently, which is kind of amazing given both the industry and the economy.  It’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder if I should write a sequel quickly, to strike while the iron is hot; or wait until sales trail off to avoid buyer confusion (and to milk the original for all it’s worth).  Hopefully it’s the latter, because frankly I don’t have time right now to tackle a sequel.  Too busy with another writing project (itself a sequel of sorts).

Thanks to Technorati, I found a site that asked if the DevEdge redesign was the “worst use of CSS ever?”  Ah, me public.  It’s okay, though; in reading through the rest of the site, I concluded that if the person in charge didn’t like our design, we’d probably done something right.

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