All Decked Out

Published 21 years, 1 month past

This whole playing-card deck thing is getting way out of hand.  We all know about the US Central Command‘s card deck of Iraq’s Most Wanted; you can even download a low-resolution PDF of the deck, or else buy a better-quality set from one of about a zillion merchants.  Réseau Voltaire is offering Les 52 plus dangereux dignitaires américains, a deck of the “52 most dangerous American dignitaries” in the Bush Regime.  When Texas Democrats fled to Arkansas Oklahoma to deny legislative quorum and kill a redistricting bill, Republicans created a “Most Wanted” deck of cards featuring the faces of their absent colleagues.  I’ve been getting spam for a “Deck of Weasels” featuring American war opponents’ pictures and quotes.  (Which is ironic considering I’d personally like to see a “Deck of Weasels” featuring the pictures and home addresses of the top 52 spammers.)  I’m guessing that in the upcoming election cycle, we’ll see plenty of card decks—most wanted polluters, tax boosters, pork-barrel projects, missing freedoms, whatever.  It won’t be too much longer before we’ll be able to create a deck of the 52 most wanted Most Wanted decks.  For that matter, how soon will someone create a 52 Most Wanted standards implementation changes?

And don’t look at me.  I have way too much on deck as it is.

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