When the Going Gets Weird…

Published 20 years, 9 months past

It’s been a month since I announced my foray into consulting, and it’s been a busy but rewarding month.  I did of course finally get the official site online, but also put in time working with Macromedia, created a three-day training course for the staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and shorter training sessions for two different universities.  Between that and preparing to chair a track (and present twice) at the Seybold-WOW Web Design and Development conference, I wasn’t lacking for things to do.  So much for using my newfound freedom to lounge around eating Cheetos and playing XBox games.

Not that I would anyway, to be honest.  Kat can’t even take me on relaxing vacations in tropical venues, because after two or three days of not doing anything productive, my head implodes.

Someone let me know that Containing Floats hit #9 on Popdex as well as Blogdex, so thanks to all you linkers out there!  Y’all are the greatest.

Since we’re mentioning the greatest, we went to see “Weird Al” Yankovic play the Taste of Cleveland festival.  I say “the greatest” not because I think he’s the greatest musician of all time, but because I completely agree with what a friend of mine said about him:  he’s out there working it every night like it’s the only show he’ll do all year.  That’s professionalism at its finest, and I respect that no end.  Al always makes it a fun show, a high-energy show, and the only way you can leave disappointed is if you’re a humorless sourpuss in the first place.  In which case, what the hell were you doing at a Weird Al show?

And now that “weird” has come up, you might remember I mentioned that I’d received time-traveler spam a while back.  Wired has the whole story behind that spam, and as you might expect it’s a bit odd.  I feel so special to have scooped Wired… especially since I inadvertently fooled them three and a half years back.

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