Go Blue!

Published 20 years, 4 weeks past

One has to be careful rooting for the University of Michigan when one lives in Ohio, but I think in this case I can get away with it.  Tantek pointed out that they’re moving the College of Engineering and Computed Aided Engineering Network (love that Tohoscope groove!) sites to standards-oriented design by fall 2004, and exhort their users to get with the times.

Yes, the pages to which I just pointed are rife with tables, images with no alt attributes, and all that funkadelic old-school stuff.  We can expect that to continue until they actually do migrate more towards standards-based design.  I sincerely hope they’ll make a good show of it; I look forward to the day I can list both sites in the “Redesign Watch” sidebar here on meyerweb.

In a similarly Michigander way, I’m hoping to also be able to list MegaTokyo soon, as the man behind the comic recently posted that he’s been delving into CSS-driven design.  Not being a particular anime fan—although I liked Spirited Away, own Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, and am still captivated by the inexplicable FLCL—I’ve still been reading MegaTokyo for a good long while now.  I do get a chuckle every time a representative of the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division makes an appearance.  Wouldn’t that make a great movie, following those guys around as they cope with and clean up after attacks by giant monsters, demon armies, prepubescent superbeings, and so on?  I’d watch it.

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