Do I Have To Pick One?

Published 19 years, 8 months past

Every now and again, I feel good about our city’s main paper, The Plain Dealer.  Today was one of those days; they published a Spinsanity-like piece that dissected the distortions coming from both U.S. presidential candidates.  I was going to lnkblog it, but it turned out they’d split the piece in two on the Web, so I’ll link to them here.

I’d have linked to the printer-friendly versions, except they contained a window.print call, and I wasn’t sure if they’d force a print in some browsers or not.  At the least, they’d call up a print dialog, which is kind of annoying.

The views I expressed in Partied Out are just deepened by this sort of thing.  I know, it’s nothing new.  That doesn’t make it any less depressing.

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