Here’s Durstan!

Published 19 years, 3 months past

It turns out that the reason Durstan wasn’t on the cover of his book is that he’d made his way onto the covers of some other books.  All of them from another publisher, even.  I present the shocking evidence!

A modification of Jeffrey Veen's 'The Art & Science of Web Design' that uses Dunstan Orchard's face instead of Jeffrey's. A modification of Jeffrey Zeldman's 'Designing With Web Standards' that uses Dunstan Orchard's face instead of Jeffrey's. A modification of Eric Meyers's 'Eric Meyer On CSS' that uses Dunstan Orchard's face instead of Eric's.

Believe it… or don’t.

Comments (11)

  1. Brilliant, Eric! Or should I say “Durstan”?!

  2. Durstan must be Dunstan’s evil twin.

  3. I want to believe :)

  4. The *real* reason is actually listed as today’s Excuse For The Day:

    drive D: is out of paper


  5. Bless you Eric, for finding the poor boy. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to turn up in someone’s chili next.

  6. Nerds — the lot of you!


  7. huh, some people have reaaaaly over elaborate names. You wouldn’t catch me with a silly name, no sir.

  8. Too funny

  9. Can’t stop laughing… Very nice work, Eric.

  10. Oops … there was supposed to be a link to Bill Mumy in there. Oh well I’m probably the only person who thinks that you two look alike anyway.

    [Link fixed. -Ed.]

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