Thrown For a Loop

Published 18 years, 11 months past

You know the effect where, if you only catch a TV show every now and again, it’s always the same episode?

Whenever I happen to catch Stargate: SG-1, it’s always the episode “Window of Opportunity“.  Seriously.

How awesome is that?

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  1. This happens to me with Star Trek. it sometimes seems to me like they lasted just a single season.

  2. My absolute favorite episode – worthy of continuous replay.

    “Did I not tell you it would not work?”

  3. Isn’t it ridiculous? I don’t spend much time in front of the telly, so it’s a bit deflating when Groundhog Day of the small screen sets in. This happened with Seinfeld and more recently with The Office. Luckily they stand repeating.

  4. I love that episode! Definitely one of my all-time favorites!

    Consider yourself lucky. If only I could experience a time-loop at will. :)

  5. Yeah, really lucky ! That’s the funniest espisode ever shoot for Stargate !
    It’s happened a few times for me.

    That’s maybe your destiny ! Or maybe, the times is always repeating for you ?

  6. I’ve only seen that Sabrina Witch Cartoon twice, once in New Zealand and once in New Caledonia. It was the exact same episode, once in English and then again in French. I remember that my friend was impressed that I could ‘understand’ so much French from TV.

  7. I have it in reverse!

    I’ve NEVER seen the episode of Little House on the Prarie where the (older) girl goes blind! I can watch an entire series three times over (takes several years) and I ALWAYS miss that damn episidode!

  8. I have a bit of the same problem but mine’s kind of handy. I end up catching the second half of a movie on TV and then several weeks/months later, I’ll flip around and happen to see that movie just beginning so I can catch the first half. Either that happens or just the opposite. I’ll catch the first and then the second half later but somehow I manage to catch the second half right where I left off! Very odd but handy.

  9. Side-Effect of having a computer from 1 Infinite Loop… I know the feeling :)

  10. Where I live (norway) Late Night Show is aired weekdays at half past six in the evening, and then again at half past eleven in the night. It has happened a few times that I have been interupted during the show in the evening, and then by chance has turned the TV on later, and the Late Night Show continued exactly where I left off earlier. The first time this happened I was like “Hey, cool!”, the second time I got a bit suspicious, the third time was a bit scary. :)

  11. That is one of my favorite episode. The part where he has Teal’c juggling always has me rolling.

  12. I personally like Teal’c in the caddy outfit.

    I had this problem with the X-Files. I think I’ve seen the episode with the Fluke Man at least twenty times.

  13. I have my Tivo recording all eps of SG-1. Many I just delete without watching. I watch this ep *every* time!

  14. Yup, that happens to me a lot, too. In fact, I made up a Sniglet for that: “deja view”. You do remember Sniglets, don’t you? I’ll date myself by also volunteering that I made that one up back when Sniglets were still pretty new (my high-school years: mid-80s).

  15. I’m the same way with The Simpsons, its always an episode from the first half of season 1. Bah.

  16. Ah yes, that was a good one. Heck, I wouldn’t mind a time loop like that to see what you could and couldn’t get away with. That could rule. (That and the whole “kissing Carter” thing).

  17. I understand that this happens, and it does happen to me for some shows, but never for Stargate. I have tried to see the episode that loops for you, but I never manage to catch it. So far, I’ve never seen it. Seems to be the one I’ll never catch no matter how hard I try. And my spouse refuses to get a Tivo because he doesn’t like the idea of a subscription service. But he forgot to record Stargate for me! Arrrgh.

  18. Hah,

    I have also always called this “deja-view.” I guess it’s the obvious term.

  19. Whenever I used to come home from a date depressed I’d flip on the television and there would be, no matter the late time of night, the episode of “Mad About You” in which Paul and Jamie first meet. Never failed to cheer me up.

  20. This happens to me with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I couldn’t even count the number of times i’ve seen the enterprise crew turned into children, or the episode where they get trapped in the time loop and keep exploding. I’m prety sure they only show the same 5 episodes over and over.

  21. Right in the middle of my backswing?!

  22. For me, it was Seinfeld – the “master of your domain” episode. The only times I ever turned on the TV when that irritating so-called comedian and his tedious friends were going through their motions, that would be the episode I’d see – and then I’d switch off and go and read blogs.

  23. Stargate is absolutely the hottest cast on TV…and most of it is on DVD already! ;) I seem to catch the Thor episode a lot myself.

  24. That always happens to me with movies. I can NEVER catch the begining of a movie. Such as StarShip Troopers as of late, I keep catching the movie 20 mins in. Not the worlds greatest movie, but I keep getting sucked into it … although my wife hates it!

  25. Hah, you’ve got a point there. Whenever I (frequently) flick through the channels on the satellite television package, it always seems to be the same episode – and the same point too.

    There are some episodes of the Simpsons that I have seen over a dozen times now, and many which I have never witnessed. 300-odd shows? Closer to 30.

  26. It is alleged that there are 350 episodes of the Simpsons. I have seen one – six times

  27. I think everybody has at least one TV series like this. I have a couple.

    Dragging the topic back to web development, did you know SG-1 are responsible for Mozilla supporting text-decoration: blink?

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