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Published 18 years, 10 months past

So a while back, Gatekeeper was discovered to silently kill off trackbacks and pingbacks without any notification, something I’d have realized if I had stepped back for a second to think about my coding.  So anyway, a solution was proposed, and I thought it fixed the problem.  Only it didn’t, possibly due to me being sloppy.  I’m honestly not sure.

So anyway, I think this time I’ve really fixed the problem, but to find out, I need to have people trackback and pingback this post.  That’s all; just hit this post with one or the other—or, heck, both. Feel free to make the link back to your site to your home page, your favorite post, your most recent post, your about page… whatever.  Thanks.

Oh, and if your attempt to *back the post fails, leave a comment to let me know.  If you see more than a few comments saying it didn’t work without a response from me, then don’t worry about adding another unless you have information that would explain why the failures are occurring.  Thanks again!

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  1. Trackback ::

    Tracking Back

    Hey, why not throw my own test into the ring? Besides, I adore the idea of trackbacking the post from the post…

  2. I tried pinging with an arbitrary source and got the following reply: “The source URI does not contain a link to the target URI, and so cannot be used as a source.”

    I’m assuming that’s a good sign.

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  4. I got a rock (nuttin’, honey! …erm… uhhhh… Sir).


  5. Trackback ::

    phil ringnalda dot com

    Take that, Safari RSS

    Tinkering with Atom: (where “Atom” means “Atom and RSS in various flavors”) the start of a PHP workalike of the…

  6. Though my ping from an arbitrary URL that doesn’t link to you worked just fine (as it should, see the permathread spread through a couple dozen peoples comments about how Trackback’s semantics don’t imply reciprocal linking).

  7. Trackback ::


    Pingback testing for Gatekeeper

    Holla for Gatekeeper!…

  8. Trackback ::

    Dossy Shiobara

    Eric has the machine that goes “Ping!”

    Bet this won’t work through my hackish trackback-sending app.

  9. Trackback ::

    Henrik Lied


    There you go

  10. You should really implement Trackback Autodiscovery.

  11. Trackback ::


    The Americans can help reduce global warming

    Gerv make a good point (as usual) about the need for America to join the rest of the world in doing something about global warming. However I noticed these figures in today’s Independent.

    change 1990-2002
    Energy effi…

  12. Trackback ::

    Fave Website

    “A bicycle journey from Exeter UK across Europe Russia Siberia
    Mongolia to China”

  13. Trackback ::

    Der kleine Gewi

    Trackback II

    Great facility to test my new self-coded trackback code ;-) Greetings from Germany!

  14. While we’re on the subject of bugs and fixes… the archives function doesn’t currently work past the first page (Click “Archives”, scroll the the bottom of the page, click “Previous Entries” – broken). Didn’t know if you were aware of it or not.

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    […] orized @ 1:58 pm 2005-07-08

    Eric Meyer has asked people to ping/trackback his Post, so here I am to help out. Hope this helps!


  16. Trackback ::


    To Arms!

    I love helping fight nasty bugs.

  17. Trackback ::


    Back in Track

    Eric Myer is testing out a WP plugin he authored and asked people to trackback/pingback his post. I’m nothing if not a team player….

  18. Trackback ::


    Dilbert vu

    Dilbert vu, n. An illusory feeling of having previously experienced a situation parodied in a Dilbert comic strip

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    […] iled under: General @ 6:27 pm. I accidentally used the incorrect URL to trackback Eric’s blog… So… One more ping and one more trackback… […]

  20. This time I used the correct trackback URL… So far, nothing, but my ping is here…

  21. Trackback ::

    JPEG 2000 in Archives and Libraries

    Testing Eric Meyer’s blog trackback

    I’m testing Eric Meyer’s trackback function in WordPress from a Drupal-based blog.

  22. I am a frequent visitor to your site On Friday I got the following message when I visited ‘Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.’.

    If your site is really interrogating my system (which I doubt), you may be interested that I have the following
    Win XP Pro SP2
    Apache Server 2.0.54 (not running)
    PHP 4.3.4 (not running)
    MySQL Server 4.0.15-nt (running as a Service)
    I dont have wordpress

  23. Eric Meyer has asked people to ping/trackback his Post, so here I am to help out. Hope this helps

  24. I don’t think I understand how this track back thing works. What the heck out give it a try.

  25. Trackback ::

    Robot Journal

    My Neighbors

  26. Thanks for letting me test my Trackback on your site. Please feel free to delete away!

  27. Trackback ::

    Chips, Performance and Power

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)

  28. I’m just using the site to test trackbacks, my apologies for the spam. :)

  29. Trackback ::

    Chips, Performance and Power

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)

  30. Trackback ::

    Chips, Performance and Power

    At work our servers consist of a couple of Xeons and mostly Pentium 4s. We aren’t particularly attached to any…

  31. Trackback ::

    Advertising and Driving

    Scoble is driving cross country, looking at the advertising and posting stuff to his blog, all at the same time….

  32. Pingback testing

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