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Published 18 years, 10 months past

I admit, this took a lot longer than it should have, but at long last I’m publishing S5 1.1.  No beta number, no release candidate status—just the plain old version 1.1, final.  The S5 pages are updated to reflect this, and to make it a little easier to get around the S5 area of the site.  There’s also an updated introductory slide show for your consideration.

Here’s the biggest change: S5 is now explicitly in the Public Domain.  In the end, this best reflected what I wanted for the technology, and a poll of contributors-to-date indicated no objections to this change.  Version 1.0 will stay as it was, under a Creative Commons license, but version 1.1 and later will all be freely available to anyone to do with as they please without fear of licensing restriction.

As part of the 1.1 package, I’ve included the introductory slide show, the default and I18N themes, all relevant documentation, and XOXO versions of the introductory slide show and the structural references.  A future version of S5 will probably be better harmonized, so I don’t have to have two versions of the references.  I’d have done that for v1.1, except it’s already long past time to ship. 

As always, share and enjoy!

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  1. I must have created about 30 short and long presentations using S5 (primarily 1.1). It has transformed my life entirely, so thank you very much.

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    S5 1.1 is released

    S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System now has S5 1.1 released. Definately worth a look as it stands (I have used it several times including for an assessed course presentation) and potentially very exciting for the future.

  4. Great tool, have been using it since the start. Thanks for that.

    B.t.w. this final version has a typo in iepngfix.htc in ui\default.

    var blankImg = ‘v11rc1/default/blank.gif’ must be
    var blankImg = ‘ui/default/blank.gif’


  5. Really a wonderful tool.

    Two notes: The primer’s link to s5blank.zip is dead and this archive is not included in the s5-11.zip (it should, I think, as the primer is included and has a relative link to it). And the colors of the “required” and “recommend” items in the reference are very similar (at least at my screen – firefox, winXP). May be a lighter red (#F00 looks good for me) would be better for “required”.

    Have a nice day 8)

  6. Thanks for the bugs, guys! They’ve all been fixed, and the corrected versions uploaded.

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  8. I’m not sure where to write up this bug. I’d email you, Eric, but I couldn’t find your email address on the site. Have you considered adding a feedback form?

    Anyway, here’s the bug:

    In the introductory slideshow:

    Page 8 displays incorrectly when the screen resolution is set to 1280 x 1024 and the browser window is maximized. There are 4 images and rather than showing them in 2 rows of 2 (with the text “(just a sampling)” under them), it stacks them on top of each other, with the bottom picture skewed to the left (presumably so the text shows up to right of the picture, though it’s obscured by the blue control panel at the bottom of the page). I have verified this with both IE6 and Firefox 1.0.6 running on Windows XP.

    Peter Foti

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  10. Cool stuff! Can’t wait to find out more about it (and how to tweak it :-)).

    Just something I find usefull in the print.css:

    /* This appends the url to every link */
    a:after {content: " [" attr(href) "]";}

    Just because underlined names of links aren’t very usefull on paper…

  11. Very nice slideshow template. One annoying issue though: under WinXP IE6 there appears an “Unknown runtime error” (Javascript) when resizing the browser window two times (for example when running the introductory slide show from your website, then resize once, resize a second time). FYI, my IE6 settings are to show all Javascript errors and not to deactivate Javascript debugging.

    Any ideas? Does not happen in Firefox, though.



  12. Congrats on S5 – a worthwhile initiative.

    Here are two implementation suggestions, from just a little use of S5 to create presentations for use in university teaching.

    1. Perhaps add a file to the file map that contains custom styles created by the end user. It’s easy enough to modify the existing style sheets, of course, but keeping custom styles in one place makes them easier to maintain.

    2. Maybe add some classes to the S5 standard that have semantic implications beyond the normal XHTML tags. For example, in the context of slide shows, I often create slides with no title, and just one sentence in a large font, centered in the middle of the screen. It might be called a “big idea.” It might be useful to add the class big_idea to the standard, and expect template developers to define it.

    Taking this further, it might be worthwhile to have a working group try to classify the types of display items presenters put on slides, from both goal (e.g., present a big idea) and presentation (e.g., big text, centered) perspectives. This could drive the definition of standard classes for XHTML, and an associated XML-based standard.


  13. Hi,

    Is it possible to resize the area for the slides? I need my presentations to within a DIV that is 550 x 450


  14. It doesn’t work on Safari. I have the latest: 2.04 (419.3). The menu doesn’t pop up at all.

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