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Those of you in the Boston area might be interested in a talk I’m giving at the Macromedia Boston User Group meeting on Wednesday, 12 October 2005:

From Comp To Code: Pulling A List Apart Together

You’re handed a graphic comp file and told to make it into a living, breathing web page.  Now what?  How do you figure out what approach to take, which techniques to use, and what kinds of markup will go into the final page?  Eric gives us a fast-paced tour of his decision-making process as he tackled the new design for A List Apart– how he analyzed the requirements, the questions he had to ask, the trade-offs he made, and the reasons behind his decisions.

If you’re interested, then please join us from 7:00pm – 9:00pm in E51-151 (Tang Center) on the MIT campus.  According to the meeting organizer, arriving early is recommended.

If you do decide to drop by, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be the first to hear this presentation: that honor, if we can call it that, will go to the attendees of Web Essentials 05.  On the other hand, you’ll be getting a more detailed version of the talk, since at WE05 I only have 45 minutes.

On the third hand, could it be that both groups will be getting a sneak preview of just one of the topics to be discussed as part of An Event Apart Philadelphia?


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  1. Any chance you’ll be swinging up by Montreal at all? ;-)

  2. YEAH!!! I’ve been SO dying for you to come to Massachusetts – my prayers have come true!!!


  3. I’ll be very excited to meet you Eric. I look forward to the details others don’t get to hear.

  4. Mmm- I’d love to see you in Philly. I live just about 20 minutes away in the burbs. My friend and I are friends through design and were really planning to take the day off from school and go.

    …until we found out about the price.

    Now, I know that a student discount price in my price range (eg. less than a hundred…) would probably be impossible and impracticle for you, so what do you suggest someone like me do? I love web design and all that jazz, but there’s not really any classes in my area to go- the best thing I could get is a Frontpage class or a basic HTML class at the community college.

    I’d love to meet you and Jeffery, but I just don’t have the money, though I wish you guys the best of luck in Philly and hope you get a bit of the local media attention.

  5. Joey: It’s not like meeting Eric in person, but you may enjoy the WE2005 podcasts. Eric’s presentation (the “making of” A List Apart) is one of them. At some point you’ll probably be wondering “what is he talking about?”, but it’s better than nothing…

    By the way, Eric, what were you talking about when you pointed at some frustrating separators that gave you problems with Safari?
    And thank you so much for letting us listen to your speech!

  6. Dear Eric, Thank you very much for coming to MIT. We enjoyed your talk very much. Giving us your time during your busy conference was invaluable to the MIT and Boston web community.

    Happy Halloween, to U & Boo!

    Thanks again, Susan

  7. I believe i missed the chance you guys all had. So is there any clue about the next time Eric would show up in a public event in Philadelphia? Hope that would be through this quarter.

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