Doth He Protest Too Much?

Published 18 years, 9 months past

Having just finished a “makeshift Matrix tour” of Sydney (thanks for all your fine research work, Amber!) on a fine, clear Sunday afternoon, I’ve stopped back at my hotel for a little relaxation and internet time.  Upon surfing through the WE05 tagspaces at Flickr and Technorati, I discovered that a whole lot of people mentioned being amused by having seen me or even posted pictures of me on Thursday morning during the mass evacuation, crouched on a sidewalk with my laptop open and balanced atop my briefcase.  As one person put it, I was “…crouching outside the venue with his laptop out on his knees trying to get on Wifi!”

Okay, folks, let me clear this up right now: I was not looking for wifi.  I was actually trying to help Kaz by looking for a file I hoped was on my hard drive.  It wasn’t, sadly, so we’ll have to swap e-mail later on to get some things straightened out.

That’s not to say I didn’t check for wifi while I had the computer open, of course.

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  1. If checking for wifi in any circumstances when said laptop is open is a cause for an exclamation mark then !!!!!!! @ me too. I’m pretty gutted I wasn’t there but glad it all worked out so well. Listening to podcasts without visuals is no substitute. It’s almost masochistic. Hope you got to see some of the more off beat and interesting parts like Kings Cross seediness above the botanical gardens and a thousand British and Irish travellers laid out on Bondi! Ah, I miss Sydney – everything except the uncomfortable absence of Aboriginal people, who are a populous but invisible underclass in an otherwise amazing metropolis.

  2. Hows your Aussie coming along Eric? Roight, anyway thankyou for sharing your knowledge, it was a pleasure to see you speaking and I hope to see you speak again (maybe at WE06?).

    By the way, did you ever manage to get back onto the WIFI?

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  4. Hehheheh, sure, we believe you :)

    Not that I can throw stones, having sat on the floor in my hotel room using a 28.8k modem to get online in the evenings during WE05… net junkies, aren’t we all ;)

  5. testing

  6. FYI, your pic got hotlinked for a while there (the joy of bandwidth theft).

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