Twitterrifically Frustrated

Published 15 years, 5 months past

I’m entirely willing to admit that this is me being a half-blind doof, but how do I change the Twitter account in Twitterrific?  I set it up to talk to one of my accounts, and I want to change that so it logs into and updates the other account.  I poked around the application preferences, dug through the package contents, and searched my hard drive for related preference and application support files.  I came up empty.  So now, O LazyWeb, help me, please!

(Anyone who knows me well is probably now surprised that this was not a post about how frustrated I am that they left off the second “f” in the application’s name.)

Update: the login information is stored in the Keychain (thanks, Dan!).  I altered the login information via Keychain Access, and that fixed things.  What I found interesting is that Twiterrific stores an e-mail address as the login, not the username.  So what happens if someone signs up two usernames via the same e-mail address?  How would Twitterrific tell the difference?

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  1. I’m not entirely sure but I think the user name and password combination is stored in your keychain.

  2. I had the same frustration.
    Have you tried other Twitterapps like Twitterpost or even less annoying and more practical dashboard widget TwitterLex ?

  3. Visit, logout and login with another account, Twitterrific shares the cookie I believe

  4. Dan‘s the winner: the information is located in the Keychain. Going in and changing the e-mail address fixed the problem. Which leads me to wonder: what if you have two Twitter accounts that use the same e-mail and password? (Or is that even possible?) How would Twitterrific distinguish between them without the username, which the Keychain doesn’t seem to store? Ah, so many questions for so little content…

    Tanja, I’d already tried that, but it hadn’t worked. Besides, Twitterrific can access Twitter even when I’m completely logged out via the web, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t rely on the cookie. I could certainly be wrong, though!

  5. Second F in the application’s name? There’s only one F in terrific.

  6. I haven’t tried it, but I’m *pretty* sure you can’t sign up for two accounts with the same email address anyway. I’ve been caught at other sites in the past trying to do this – once or twice I hvaen’t been able to remember an old login, and I simply try signing up with a new account only to be denied because the email I’m using is already on record.

  7. Well, crap. How long have I been misspelling “terrific”?

    Talk about frustrating!

  8. The API uses the email and not a user name.

    All of the methods (except for the public timeline) require user authentication via Basic Auth. The username is the email address you have stored on Twitter, the password, your password.

    Taken from here

  9. The part that frustrates me more, about Twitterrific, is that it is not a “normal” window. It doesn’t show up in CMD+TAB, on the dock, or in Exposé. Am I the only one that feels this is bad form?

  10. Nope, Colin. I’ve come to the same conclusion. It definitely needs to become modal, especially since it sometimes drops into Spinning Beachball of Death mode and so covers up other applications I want to use until the beachball goes away and I can close it. TwitterPost makes a good alternative on that score, since it’s an application instead of a service or whatever nature of beastie Twitterrific actually is, although one must admit that TwitterPost isn’t nearly as purty.

  11. I’ve just tried signing up using the email address I registered my existing twitter user with, and it told me the email address is already in use. I’m not too surprised by this; a lot of places use email as a unique identifier; on twitter both username and email must be unique, not just the combination of the two.

    As far as how Twitterific’s UI works, I think it would be far better implemented as a modal window and used something like Growl for tweet alerts (which had me thinking; why hasn’t Apple just integrated Growl directly into OS X yet? I use it for so many things…)

    Final comment; Eric, I have just two days ago had a sight test and am wearing my new prescription contact lenses, yet I can barely read the text I’m typing into this textarea. Could the text not be a little bit bigger?

  12. Personally I don’t like Twitteriffic. Oh, I love the looks but the type of winow Twitteriffic uses just doesn’t cut it for me. It should either be a “normal” modal window and show up in Apple+Tab or it should be glued to the Desktop like Samurize for Windows does.

    And about the e-mail login thingy… You can login to twitter on the website with just your e-mail address too. I think it’s either not possible to sign up for 2 accounts with the same e-mail or they have a serious problem with their database concept…

  13. Thank you for this post! I googled “twitterrific change login” and this quickly solved my problem! You’ve done well in adding to our collective webbernet knowledgebase.

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