Net Loss

Published 17 years, 3 months past

Five minutes after I should have left for the airport to catch my flight to Boston and An Event Apart, I finally got the DSL service back, four and a half days after it went dark.  After a few minutes of frantic testing and configuration to make sure it would work for Kat in my absence, I blew out the door.

Guess what’s broken in my hotel room.

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  1. I live right behind the marriot and have an open network that is up when my computer is on — let me know if I can help.

  2. Magic Fingers?

    Seriously though…have you been abusing your broadband karma?

    The High-Speed Gods™ have not been smiling upon you lately….

  3. Well, it’s either your toilet or your TV remote. Those would be my two guesses.


  4. ROFL!!!!

    Man, they don’t make those coin operated beds like they used to.

  5. I really enjoyed your presentation at AEABoston, one thing: you should get an RSS feed going for your blog!

  6. nevermind – i am dumb.

  7. No kidding! I’ve had many of the same problems. Rebooting works occasionally, but more often than not, the laptop just becomes a DVD player for the boy.

    I’m going to argue at the front desk when it comes to pay.

  8. Oh no! That is some seriously bad juju!

  9. Eric – Would you consider posting your CSS Jedi bar graph example?

  10. David: thanks for the offer. I was able to use the actual event wifi during breaks and such, so I was okay.

    Chuck: there’s an earlier version of the vertical bar graph in css/edge; the updated version will be made available as well.

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