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Published 16 years, 9 months past
Good Night, Chicago

Chicago, Chicago.  It was my sweet home Chicago for all of a year, and admittedly that was back around the national bicentennial, but I still enjoy my visits.  I’ve just learned to accept that the traffic jams are omnipresent, and to chill accordingly.

We drove in on Friday afternoon and left Wednesday morning, tired but content. As I knew would be the case, the folks who came to AEA Chicago were filled to the brim with awesome.  We had a great time röcking out, groovin’ to the tunes, filling Fadó, wondering about Shreddies exchanges, and savoring the lunches.  I’ve gotten my pictures onto Flickr in what is, for me, close to record time, and added them to the show’s photo pool.  All with geocoding, natch.  Gotta geocode.

If you want to know what other people thought of it, Jeffrey‘s got some links—perhaps understandably, Brain Freeze’s post is one of my favorites—and Technorati will be happy to point you to what everyone’s saying.  I can tell you what I thought, though: fantastic.  I can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. The conference was great. It was the first I’ve ever been to for web related subjects. The speakers were energetic and knowledgeable. The subject matter varied greatly from presenter to presenter, but was still intriguing even if it didn’t pertain directly to what I do. Everything helped me gain an overall appreciation of what’s going on in the world of web design.

    Also, the attendees were great too. I felt comfortable striking up conversations with anyone there, as well as the presenters. I enjoyed being around others with the same interests. I get so little of that around home; I’ll have to make sure I get to another one in the future!

    A special thanks to the presenters, everyone who helped behind the scenes, and those who röcked!

  2. Good times. One of the best things was watching you use CSS to transform a simple data table into a Harley Davidson. Outstanding. ; )

  3. Ditto. :-)

  4. Hey Eric….

    I was the guy who talked to you near the end of day 1 right after you took some pictures of the chandelier that was hanging on the walls outside the main room. Feel kinda stupid now that I realize I never introduced myself ;) Guess I was wearing my name tag but I still should have introduced myself. But I’m glad you liked my post on my not-so-new-but-not-updated-enough-blog ;)

    Thanks again for a great experience!


  5. The conference röcked! As a first timer to any web related event it was truly awesome to be surrounded by so many talented individuals. Each speaker had so much valuable insight into the industry. From day one with Eric on CSS to the end of day two with Jim Coudal’s “Dealing With the Both of You”.

    An Event Apart was exactly what I would expect from the group that brings us A List Apart. Not to mention the excellent party Media Temple threw! Thank you all!

  6. Thank you very much for such a wonderful conference. I had a great time and though not much of the subject matter was new to me, I picked up a lot of little details here and there. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends (the best part of conferences like these).

    Rock On! :)

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