What A Bargain!

Published 16 years, 7 months past

Dear Microsoft,

I was reading yesterday morning that you bought 1.6 percent of Facebook for $240 million.  Congratulations!  I hope it’s not too forward of me, but now that you’ve had a chance to recover from the exuberant celebrations that I’m sure accompanied this latest coup, I’d like to humbly point out that you have the opportunity to make an even more amazing investment.

I hereby offer to sell you 80 percent of meyerweb.com for a mere $24 million.  Think about it: that’s five hundred times better than your Facebook deal, plus you’d be getting a clear majority stake in one of the world’s leading web sites primarily focused on a three-letter web design acronym written by a tallish redhead living in a lakeshore city in the American Midwest.  I know: wow!

After we seal the deal, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve always been doing to make this site as successful as it’s become, and you can just ride the wave feeling amazed that you scored such an amazing bargain.  Sound good?  Awesome.  Call me.  We’ll talk.

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  1. They can have 80% of my site for $2.4m!

  2. Great offer – how can they possibly resist?! Good point about the Facebook deal though…I mean $240 million…for one of the smallest stakes you can have in a company (less than 2%)…that’s insane!
    They obviously have more money than sense (but that shouldn’t stop them considering your offer too).


    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough to buy a 1.6% share of meyerweb.com at that rate…in fact…I don’t think I’d have enough for one of those funky header photo images you use either!! Oh well.

  3. Haha! Pure gold. I’m still laughing writing this.Can’t help but add this: If FaceBook has around 50M users, and MS have just paid $240M for 1.6%, then that’s 800K users at 300 bucks apiece. Oh vey, I should have joined and now I could ask for my ROI (return on information.)

  4. It’s funny, but pretty sad when you start thinking about it. Think of all the good things that could be done for the world with $240 million.

  5. priceless eric… priceless =)

  6. Hey Eric… I’ll give you $24…

    Seriously, they can have 100% of all of my websites for $1 million. I’ll even throw a couple of kids, my dog, my cat… some old bottle caps… I’m negotiable..

  7. MS can have 100% of my stuff for $240,000.

    Note: I have nothing to speak of, but it sounds like the right price.

  8. Hell, Meyer … that is a deal! And Microsoft gets your content, site, et al without the attached hassles of NAAG [National Association of Attorneys General] compliance that plagues, justifiably, a majority of these social Web sites.

    Sidebar: You are in a mid-western state that has been aggressive and an active participant with the NAAG to clean out these social sites. Maybe drop a note to your local state representative and ask him/her to keep up the pressure?

  9. Think of all the good things that could be done for the world with $240 million.

    To be fair, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation is spending vast amounts of money to try to do good things for the world. Microsoft”s a business; nothing wrong with it making acquisitions.

    Anyone know which 1.6% of Facebook they bought? If it”s the bit that contains everyone I haven”t spoken to since high school and don”t particularly want to hear from, they”re welcome to it.

  10. They will feel bad when Google buys the other 98.4%.

  11. Does the site come with personnel?

  12. Joshua, I’m open to negotiation on all points. Drop me a line and we’ll iron out the details.

  13. Google buys the other will make it funny :)

  14. Why, the advertising potential alone on this blog should be worth that much. Listen, friend, just give it away!

  15. I hope they give it to you.

  16. D’oh! What I meant was don’t just give it away.

    That’s what I get for drinking while blogging.

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  18. Wow… you can almost see the sarcasm dripping down the wall. Way Funny!

  19. Humor aside, Microsoft was simply doing Facebook a favor by giving it a 15 billion dollar valuation. Microsoft isn’t so concerned about owning 1.6% of Facebook as they are about securing ad space and beating Google to the punch.

  20. Well if Microsoft like they can have my site for free, Ill build another one :)

  21. The main reason being I really need to rebuild it as this was the first site I built and since then I have learnt a lot more about CSS etc thanks To Eric and a few other CSS cronies

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