Related Idea: A New Cognition Term

Published 14 years, 7 months past

cornpensation, noun.  The act of making mental adjustment for keming that doesn’t actually exist.

Example: “Wait, you wanted me to buy cheerleader pom poms?  Oh.  I totally cornpensated that one.  …Awkward.”

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  1. Because this happened to me recently and I needed a compact term to describe it, that’s why.

  2. It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone for so long without a term for this, despite living in a post-modem world.

  3. OK, this is awesome

  4. I definitely saw “kerning” as “keming” before even realizing what this was about. More proof that such a term is needed

  5. What do you mean, keming that doesn’t… oh. Right.

  6. I read it three times as kerning before I got it.

    Then, of course, the example was obvious!

  7. I frequently cornpensate words with capital “L I” to form a capital block “U”. Notably, when I lived near a street named “FLICKER LANE.” Makes a fellow do a double-take.

  8. I like the new word. Clever and infornnative. I have more trouble with keming as my eyes age. It’s a waming sign.

  9. Doug! Honored to have you drop by my little corner of the web, sir.

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