S5 Thanks and Acknowledgments

S5 couldn't have come together as it did without the help of a number of very generous and talented people. You can see many of their original contributions and discussions in the comments of Slide Show Beta and Slide Show Beta 2, but I'd like to take a moment to thank them here.

Tantek Çelik
Original inspiration with his own slide show format; a slightly modified version of his markup became the foundation of S5.
Steven Champeon
Example code that eventually became currentSlide().
Eric Eggert
The original slideJump() routine to allow linking directly to a slide in all supported browsers.
Steffen Glückselig
The clicker() code to properly handle mouse-click slide advancement.
Helge Grimm
The list.options line in slideLabel(), allowing the navigation menu to be properly built in IE/Mac.
Michaël Guitton
Provided the first steps toward adding multiclass handling to GetElementsWithClassName() and conflating the old keysIE() and keys() into a single function, as well as a number of bug fixes.
Jordan Liggitt
The "type to jump/skip directly to a slide" routines.
Henryk Plötz
A dramatic upgrade of slideJump(), the target code that lets "click anywhere to advance one slide" work in IE/Win, plus many other improvements and optimizations.
Paul Roub
Contributed nodeValue(node) so slide titles with markup would be properly handled in the navigation menu.
Mark Schenck
Assistance in helping the S5 format be compatible with Opera Show Format 1.0.
Rémi Zara
The menu code in slideLabel() to get slide titles working cross-browser.


  • S5 1.1 (477KB ZIP file)

    When you uncompress the archive, you must preserve the directory structure.

  • S5 1.2a2 (177KB ZIP file)

    Latest development release. This is an alpha release; treat it accordingly.


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