Sometimes can induce outbursts of laughter through their various and sundry errors, but they aren't the only ones. Here are some collected miscellaneous media gaffes that take top humor prizes.

The Blue Screen of Everlasting Life Is Nigh

Newsweek cover: 3 April 2000 issue

The Pope's Pilgrimage / A Microsoft Deal?

Well, if there's one company that could afford to buy the Vatican, that would be the one. Is it just me, or does the Pope look really horrified by this headline?

So That's the Secret

Unnamed corporate Web advertisement

What's behind every successful e-business?

Apparently it's a guy who recently had abdominal surgery and just won't stop tearing at his stitches.

What Exactly is My Incentive? 28 November 2001

Look like Cher?

I find it difficult to believe that the picture did anything but lower the clickthrough rate on this article.

I'm So Torn I Can Hardly Stand It 1 February 2002

Ice sculpting or gorilla denistry?

I agonized about this choice for hours.

Funny You Should Ask 15 May 2003

What aggrevates you the most?

You know what aggravates me most? People who misspell words like "aggravate."

Grind ON! 21 November 2003

Review: Hearts of Iron

This mix-up of title and graphic left me wondering if that radical dude (Tony Hawk?) is tricking on a Hearts of Ironing Board.

Whoa! 19 February 2004

Russians develop a missile capable of traveling five times the speed of light?

I think that means the missile could destroy its target before it's even been launched. Guess we'd better start learning Russian.

Invalid Weather Spotted 16 June 2004

It's raining tags.

Maybe you should also sign up for a periodic validation service.

Mixed Messages Spotted 7 July 2004

An MSN toolbar at the top of an article about alternatives to Internet Explorer

No comment needed, really.

You're Kidding, Right?

Spotted 16 July 2004

AOL? For Broadband

They seem awfully incredulous about this concept. I suppose it's hard to blame them.

Old-School Schooling Spotted 16 July 2004

Parents say duel-language classes are a dead end

Well, duh. Duelling has been illegal for more than a century now. Who needs to know terms like "call upon your seconds" any more?