Monday, 17 September 2001

Published 17 years, 11 months ago

We’re home and safe.  We feel a little guilty that we’re relieved to have made it home when thousands of people will never come home again, but there it is: you cling to what you know and can control, and try your best to move on and accept the rest.  And to be thankful for what you do have, and for those close to you.

When everything happened, we were in Mountain View, CA, where I was visiting the Netscape campus.  Kat was going to fly down to Los Angeles on Tuesday, but obviously that didn’t happen.  We were supposed to fly back home on Saturday, but the flight was cancelled, so we ended up taking the Sunday night redeye and arrived at about 6:30am EDT this morning.  Tired and weary, we crawled into bed and grabbed a few hours of sleep in our own bed.  We even let Gravity sleep with us, which we usually don’t permit, chiefly for allergenic reasons.  (Also because she manages to occupy an incredible amount of space for so small a cat.)

I’ve already had a few inquiries about the complexspiral demo I debuted at Web2001, and I assure you that it is coming soon!  I want to do a little touch-up work, as well as document browser support and bugs, before unveiling it.  I hope to get to that tomorrow, as I’ve dug my way out from under my e-mail and newsgroup backlogs in near-record time and should be back into the work groove by tomorrow morning.

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