Redesigns and Rebounding Praise

Published 21 years, 8 months past

It turns out that my praise for Scott‘s recent redesign was unintentionally self-serving: he’s said that some of ideas were inspired by this page.  In the interests of credit being given where it’s due, I should point out that the idea of making h2 elements inline was not taken from this site.  The dates here do use that trick, but they’ve only done so since Sunday.  Scott came up with that himself.  I set up the inline-heading trick for this site last week and pushed it this past weekend, coincidentally the same day Scott changed his design.

Speaking of redesigns, CNN has changed their site design.  It’s… interesting.  Kind of K10K.  Needlessly overwhelming, in my opinion, but then I thought the last redesign was a mistake and then got used to it very quickly.  I’ll probably get used to this one too.

There are even more interesting redesigns looming on the horizon, however.  I wish I could talk about them here, but I can’t yet.  Soon, very soon…

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