Scott, Spam, and Severe Drift

Published 21 years, 9 months past

A very nice redesign has appeared over at  Scott didn’t mention anything about it when we had lunch last Wednesday, so I’ll have to berate him for that later.  I’m always envious of people who come up with beautiful, coherent Web designs in the XHTML+CSS space, and Scott’s definitely joined that list.  My one potential quibble is the order of his source, with the page content coming after the entire sidebar instead of before, but since this site does the same thing I don’t suppose I should complain too much.

Today I got what might be my very first anti-porn spam, from “Fathers Against Porn,” and I got it twice.  I thought for a moment about going to download some porn in protest, but decided maybe I’d be better off just deleting both messages with a muttered curse at spamming morality cops and calling it even.

Today I also spotted one of the most severe cases of topic drift I’ve ever seen.  The subject line in question: “Redirection of the root folder and children (was Re: 9/11 Moment of Silence?)”  Wow.

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