Measuring a Year

Published 21 years, 9 months past

Exactly one year ago, I posted an entry with exactly two words: “My God.”

I was then, as I am today, over 2100 miles from home, sitting in a building on the Netscape campus.  The distance has its time effects as well, of course.  When Kat and I were awakened that morning, the towers were already down.  We were very lucky, really, back on that horrible day—we were together even though far from home, and everyone we knew who could have perished in New York did not.

In the intervening 365 days, we have learned that someone very close to us is terminally ill, that others are still suffering from what they saw a year ago, met new friends and heard from old ones, traveled more than we probably should have, worried about the government, been denied the chance to know someone who would have been everything to us, made agonizing choices, been through job changes and home repair, tried to understand and respect each other, and held each other as we tried to shut out the world for a few minutes of grief or joy at a time.

Life continues to move onward, and as much as we would sometimes like to stop, we keep moving with it.

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