Saving Graces

Published 21 years, 6 months past

The stress hasn’t ebbed yet, but a few good people have thrown me lifelines over the past couple of days.  I feel a touch better about life in general thanks to a few kinds words from those folks.  “I just wanted to say thanks, and let you know that your work is much appreciated,” said one.  Another one wrote:

So here’s a bit of my thanks and appreciation for taking [list administration] on, AND for all you do to forward the use of CSS, including the writing of books, especially your most recent!

And a while back, Jeff Cohan e-mailed me to say:

…for what it’s worth, that I really appreciate not only the wisdom/expertise that comes through in your CSS-discuss and [newsgroup] posts but also the respectful tone you consistently use. (I just read your “Table design (was Re: Is there a way to “synchronize” div heights?)” response in CSS-discuss.) Folks like you (and Linda Rathgeber, whom I put in the same boat) set a great example, I think.

All of which reminds me that whatever stress I feel, whether I brought it on myself or not, and no matter how much I might sometimes want to just walk away from everything, I’m doing things that make a difference.  As I wrote to a correspondent a few days back:

I figure everyone has three choices in life: they can work to effect positive change, effect negative change, or do their best not to make any change at all.  I’ve chosen the first of the three, to the best of my ability.

I’d like to thank Jeff, Adam, Peter, Darinda, and others for reminding me that effecting change is always difficult, but that it yields rewards beyond measure.

Oh, and I ended up choosing Pinnock and the English Concert yesterday.  That may have helped a little bit, too.

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