Published 21 years, 3 months past

We stayed up with some friends last night to celebrate the discontinuous nature of our culture’s timekeeping, like most of you probably did.  Those of you observing the Gregorian calendar, anyway.  Then I got up at 5:45am to do my radio show and cover the show after mine, since its programmer is out of town.  She covered my Christmas show last week, so it was a fair trade—but boy, are my cells tired right now.

So we kick off another year.  I’m not going to do a “best of the year” thing here, or point to anyone else’s.  Ever forward, and all that.

I do have one small observation, however.  If you’re going to legally change your name to Jack Ass, I’m not sure how you can possibly bring a defamation-of-character suit against anyone, with the bare possible exception of yourself.  Even if you did have some kind of noble reason for making said change, you’re on really, really shaky ground when you claim someone else injured your reputation.

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