Dirty Harry!

Published 21 years, 5 months past

Mark your calendars, Potterphiles: June 21st is when Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is due to be released.  The book will come in at a svelte 255,000 words spread out across 768 pages, using a smaller type than previous books since sticking with the same type would have put the book at about 960 pages.  Even so, assuming the growth trend continues and the type doesn’t get any smaller, my rough calculations show the seventh book will be a bit over 436,000 words and 1,314 pages long.  It’s a bold new concept in fantasy writing: you’ll be able to experience the last year of Harry’s schooling in real time.  Just like being there!  Only with you sitting in a chair reading.

How have I gone this long without encountering Clagnut?  It’s the kind of design that I can sort of vaguely see in my head when I sit down to do something, but when I do it, the end result is never as good as I thought it would be.  Richard Rutter apparently has the ability to see things clearly from the start, and carry them through until they’re done so that they look as good, or better, when finished.  Although I do see some rendering differences between browsers due to box model problems, they somehow don’t really detract from the site’s appearance.  I’m seriously thinking of modifying some of his ideas for a theme here.  It’s about time I put together a presentation option that significantly modifies the layout, instead of just recolors the basic one.  “Wo hu cang long” was a faltering start down that path, but it’s not enough.

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