Restyling Madness!

Published 21 years, 2 months past

Just a quick reminder that the WThRemix competition closes in eleven days.  Here’s your chance to remake the face of the W3C Web site, and maybe win some peer accolades and a few prizes along the way.  I’ll be impressed by any entry that gives the W3C site a bold new look without changing its markup structure at all, personally, but I’m not a judge so impressing me won’t get you anywhere in the competition.

Did I mention that the different thematic choices for are really, really impressive when you visit the author’s journal?

I somehow missed the announcement of the winners of AllTheWeb‘s restyling competition, so I’m going to mention now that the contest is over and the winners’ entries publicly available.  There are some really good entries.  I worked (remotely) with one of the runners-up when he was an intern at Netscape last year.  Speaking of which, I hope to have some good (or at least interesting) news in the near future.

I’m off to be a geek or a guru, or maybe even both, at Tri-C’s Western campus tonight, where I’ll talk about (among other things) how CSS can be used to restyle any site, regardless of what the site author has to say about it.  Hope to see you there!

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