O Lucky Day

Published 21 years, 4 months past

Kat returns from San Francisco today, five days after we parted ways in Houston.  Then, on Saturday, I leave for… San Francisco (!).  I’ll be speaking at User Interface 7 West with Molly H. (someone totally different than Molly S., who I finally met last week in Austin).  The full-day session we delivered last October got great reviews from its attendees, so we’re doing it again, only with a better pace and less boring stretches.  Our short talk, on the other hand, is new to the UI7 series and is based on some of the stuff I’ve been talking about recently.  You can get more information from my Talks page, or else from the UI7 site itself.

I laughed pretty hard at some of Perry Hoberman‘s “OK/Cancel” series, but the “Infringement” series made me chuckle uncomfortably before thinking about it.  The series reminded me rather strongly of the Bang Interface Neologue by Natalie Jeremijenko (search her project page for that title if you’re curious).  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Internet society as compared to physical-world societies, how they influence each other, and how they could improve each other.  In the process, my appreciation for what we have online has increased.  The challenge is in migrating what I see there into the “real” world.

It’s a beautiful day outside, and I have a window open to let in the clean scent of spring.  Birds are cheeping quietly to each other, as if asking in hushed tones if winter is finally over, afraid they’ll jinx it.  This is perhaps my favorite time of year, and one of the reasons I’ve stayed in a region that has a seasonal cycle.  The fresh scent carried on the breezes of spring, still chilled from leftover snow but bursting with life all the same, is one of life’s truest joys.

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