Scratch One Town

Published 21 years, 2 days past

All I can say, having been a bysitter to a group of people watching the series finale to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is this: if there is indeed a Hellmouth in Cleveland, it’s more than likely under the Peter B. Lewis Building.  It makes a certain degree of sense, especially when you consider the Law School is immediately adjacent to the site.  Before the building’s construction, there was an empty field containing a few abstract sculptures that may actually have been, upon reflection, demonic symbols or powerful wards of some kind.  Now they’ve been removed, which probably means creeping evil, lowered bowling averages, and all manner of ickiness.

While we’re on a pseudo-religious bent, the prophetical power of Scrooged continues to be demonstrated, as it was several months ago.  Yea, the words of the most reverend Mitchum shall lead us from the valley of the miniseries, and unto the Kingdom of Schmaltz.

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