Images and Words

Published 20 years, 8 months past

Having owned a digital camera for less than two months now, I find myself taking random pictures of interesting patterns, just on the off chance I might use them some day.  Why not?  But the dark side of this activity is the creeping impulse to establish a photo gallery where I can display these abstract patterns and images for all the world to see.

“Go ahead,” my ego whispers, “it will show you’re a Renaissance Man with diverse interests and talents.  People will love it.  You’ll get invited to show stuff in art galleries, just like Josh Davis.  Trust me!”  Meanwhile, the more pessimistic (or, more likely, realistic) portion of my brain sneers, “Yeah, just what the Web needs, another collection of pseudo-pretentious almost-art shots.  Like it hasn’t been done a thousand times before.  Would it kill you to be original for once?  I mean, honestly.”

I don’t know exactly what all this means, but it might mean that one day I’ll add “Gallery” to the navigation links of this site.  If so, please feel free to shake your head in sorrow for me.  Then  invite me to display my stuff in an art gallery.

Late last week, I was writing e-mail to a friend when I realized I’d changed the phrase “I’ll write down some ideas” to “I’ll type up some ideas.”  Now I want to know how, in the long slow evolution of the English language, two such similar activities ended up going in totally opposite directions.

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