Slash Or Dot?

Published 20 years, 6 months past

I think I’ve been semi-Slashdotted.  Having one’s site mentioned in the comments associated with a post isn’t as good as having a whole post about your book, but it’s probably still driven a lot of traffic this way.  So howdy, Slashdotters!  Hopefully this will also drive a little more traffic to my standards-oriented consulting business,  Complex Spiral Consulting.  Ser Zeldman is right on about the shift in tone over at Slashdot when it comes to standards issues.  It’s a nice change to witness.  This may be one more bit of support to my claim that Microsoft didn’t win the browser wars: standards did.

Mac OS X folks should delay not a moment longer their introduction to xlab, which I found thanks to Jeremy Keith.  xlab is chock full of tips and pointers, and it looks clean and attractive to boot.  And is that a CSS-driven layout I spy?  Why yes, I believe it just might be.

For those who were thinking about asking, I won’t be sharing with you what’s in my Dock.  This is partly because I keep it on the left and so it’s very tall, and I don’t want to waste that much space.  It’s also because I’m getting very close to dumping the Dock in favor of a registered copy of DragThing, which I use on my Classic OS machine and sorely miss in OS X.  The Dock just doesn’t have enough features to be an effective replacement.  If people indicate an interest, I suppose I could talk about OS X tools and widgets I find useful.  Otherwise, I’ll stick to the usual foolishness that passes for witty discourse ’round these parts.

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