Upgrade Path

Published 19 years, 11 months past

As one might have been able to infer from my recent post on Airport Extreme, I got a new PowerBook; it arrived Thursday afternoon along with an iSight.  My TiBook is a little less than a year old, but I found someone interested in buying it for a decent price, so I figured, what the heck, why not reward myself a bit for all the work I’ve been doing and get a nice high-powered machine?

So I did.  Since I still have an 802.11b access point (the aforementioned MR814v2) I plugged both laptops into the router and got to work transferring files.  Even at 10Mb/second, it took a while to move everything over from one to the other; the iPhoto library alone took an hour to cop.  Having close to four thousand images, many of them with red-eye reduction, will do that.  Nevertheless, I was up and running within most of a day, and a couple hours of that were figuring out the whole wireless access problem.  And six hours of sleeping.

I like the key response on this keyboard.  It’s a little snappier than the TiBook.  But the coolest thing about the new machine so far?  The way that, in a low-light environment, the display will dim down a bit and the keyboard automatically backlights.  It’s just so sexy.

(Don’t forget, there’s still a little bit of time left to support the Blog-A-Thon!)

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