Iron and Candy

Published 19 years, 7 months past
A picture of Eric and Kat in profile, touching noses and smiling.

It’s been half a dozen years since Kat and I exchanged wedding vows on a hot Long Island summer afternoon, vowing before a small gathering of family and friends our intention to provide mutual support, understanding, and daily laughter.  We were married by a justice of the peace, the colleague of Kat’s across-the-street neighbor Lester.  She had long planned to have her neighbor, also a justice of the peace, officiate at her wedding.  Unfortunately, he died before we’d even met, but he was there in spirit.  It was Lester’s old judicial robes the justice wore when he presided over our marriage.

At times, our vow to bring laughter to each other has been sorely tested, but we always come back to it.  It’s one of the best promises we’ve ever made.

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