Good Show

Published 19 years, 7 months past

Everyone’s been pointing to the newly restored Mount Saint Helens webcam page, mostly because it’s come back online just as geologic events such as earthquake swarms are occurring in the area.

I’m pointing to it for a different reason.  To see what I mean, view source on the webcam page, or hover your mouse over the webcam image in a modern browser.

Now that’s good alt text.  The title text isn’t bad, either.

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    Minh’s Notes

    Worth 117 words
    “A picture is worth a thousand words.’ That saying of course is just an exaggeration. It’s worth 117 (plus the %20s).

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    Sex, Drugs, and Kernel recompiles

    Apparently, the Mt. Saint Helen’s webcam is back up. I think this is due to over whelming demand by the public to watch geologic events, as they unfold. We all know how entertaining that can be. I wonder how many geeks are going to take that image fee…