Published 19 years, 5 months past

As Andy Budd says:

You can help the victims of this terrible natural disaster by pledging the proceeds of any advertising or affiliate schemes you have on your site for the month of January to your country’s Tsunami Earthquake appeal.

For the first time, I find myself wishing that I had an affiliate account or advertising arrangement, but I’ve always avoided such things.  So while I can’t participte in BlogAid by pledging my blog revenue (I don’t have any), if you’re someone who can take part, please seriously consider doing so.

I also want to remind folks that my friend Dave is still taking donations for his triathlon run in March 2005.  It may seem like his cause pales in comparison to that of tsunami relief.  Perhaps it does– but his cause needs support, just as the survivors of the tsunami need support.  If you can support both, as Kat and I intend to, then please do.  If you have to choose, then make the choice your heart directs.

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