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Published 19 years, 3 months past

World Tour 2005 continues to add dates.  In addition to Japan (May) and Austraila (September), I’ll be heading to London for a one-day workshop on CSS, XHTML, and standards-oriented design to be held Saturday, June 4th.  You can get all the agenda and other details on “Professional CSS XHTML Techniques” from the Carson Workshops website.

This is a limited-access event: only 40 attendees will be allowed.  Suppose you’re one of that 40, as of course you should be if at all possible.  Not only does that give you a 1-in-40 chance of winning a full copy of Dreamweaver MX 2004, it also gets you the “Survival Kit”, a disc containing all kinds of examples, articles, tools, and so forth.  You’ll also get a whole day of high-tempo, practical instruction in CSS-driven design, with plenty of opportunity to pose questions and get answers.

While this won’t be a workshop for total beginners, it won’t require advanced knowledge of CSS and XHTML, either.  Basically, if you’re at least somewhat familiar with HTML or XHTML and know the basics of writing style sheets, then you’ll fit right in.  Even if you’re beyond that, I’ll be covering a  lot of ground that you should find interesting.

And then there’s always the opportunity to hang out that evening, after the workshop is officially over, and talk about whatever comes to mind.

“Professional CSS XHTML Techniques” — London, UK on Saturday, 4 June 2005.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. If only I could afford the trip to Lonfon and the cost of the workshop…. alas, I cannot. But hey, I’d gladly pay good money for the CD if it is something you and Complex Spiral is putting out! If it’s not, you may want to give some thought to doing something like that. If it is, um how much do you want for it?

  2. Words cannot describe how eager I am to get my student placement finished, finish uni and get a job where I earn enough money to come to conferences and workshops like this and @Media.

    Better still, I’d like a job where the company pays for me to go. I’ll aim for that. Just don’t go retiring any time soon please Mr Meyer…

    Out of curiosity, how long are you visiting our North Atalantic island paradise London for, Eric? Do you get time to take the place in?

  3. Ditto what Ben said. I’d ask about student discounts, but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it (yet!) even then. And not like there’ll be a shortage of demand for the workshop, I’m sure.

  4. Any details on location, pricing & advance booking for Aus available yet?

  5. Aww man.. you finally come to the UK… and I totally can’t afford the price.

    Shame :(

    Well if you need a tour around London… jsut ask ;)

  6. Will you be staying in London for a while after? There’s a great conference on 9-10 June on Web standards and accessibility. Zeldman et al will be speaking. I’m sure they’d let you in as guest of honour or something ;)

  7. I don’t know if the CD will be available for separate purchase or not. I’ll mention the idea to the workshop organizer.

    I won’t be staying long in London, I suspect—at the moment, the odds are that I’ll arrive Friday, speak Saturday, socialize/sightsee on Sunday, and leave Monday. That assumes I don’t end up leaving on Sunday. I’d love to stay until @media, but I just can’t.

    The Australia appearance will be at a conference in Sydney at the very end of September. There aren’t any more details than that, but when they are, I’ll post them… and that information is probably enough to infer quite a bit, at least for anyone who’s paid attention to the Australian conference scene of the last year or so.

  8. Well, I’ll be 500 miles away at school… Fun…

  9. Me too…I will be at college in Wales, so it is too much for a penniless student to afford :-( it sounds great (so did SWSX, but Texas…no chance!)

  10. I echo the responses above, in that as I am retired (through ill health – and pretty much a hobbyist, I don’t have the corporate resources behind me to fund attendance at the workshop. I can say though, that most of what I have learned about xhtml and css I have learned from you, Eric, through your excellent books.
    Maybe the information from the workshop will be made available to we financially challenged, but no less enthusiastic, individuals in the future? I can only hope so.
    Have a great time in London – don’t miss the London Eye!

  11. Yeah, the London Eye is definitely worth a visit if you’ve got time.

  12. Having a job that pays for courses isn’t as wonderful as it seems …. this is over my workplace’s price limit for courses so I know that they wouldn’t pay it. Boo Hoo! Maybe I could persuade them to pay part of it …….
    Definitely visit the London Eye, especially if you have a fear of heights and/or enclosed spaces – it’s a great cure for both.

  13. Looking forward this Eric! Now that I
    managed to convince my employers to pay for me to go!

    I would definietly agree with the other commenters above that while your in London the London Eye is worth a visit.

  14. Any news on whether they’ll be releasing this CD for public consumption? Just the thought of having a comprehensive tool like that all on one CD might well make it worth the production cost…

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