Gatekeeper 1.5 rc4

Published 18 years, 11 months past

Now out the door: Gatekeeper 1.5 RC4.  It really does (so far as I can tell) allow pingbacks and trackbacks, as this post’s comments show.  So if you tried to ping or track back to a post here in the last three months, and you really wanted it to show up here, you might want to try again.  If you’re running Gatekeeper and want tracks and pings to work, you should definitely upgrade to RC4.

The auto-addition of the challenge to forms that don’t contain the pose_challenge call is still broken.  ‘Jim’ has more information and some examples of forms that fail to get an auto-added comment if you’d like to take a crack at solving that particular puzzle.

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  1. Has Gatekeeper also been interfering with the sending of pingbacks and trackbacks? I haven’t had much luck sending them to any sites from my WP installation. I’ll install this version later and give it a go.

  2. Sending? No, I don’t think so, though I suppose anything’s possible. It should only ever affect the reception of *backs (blocked them before; allows them now).

  3. Luchlan,

    Some sites do not accept or do not fully support ping- and trackbacks. In my case, for example, they were erased in the interests of security.

  4. Hi … I decided to give your Gatekeeper a try on my TextDrive Account, and … well … things didn’t go as I had hoped.

    You see, I just tried to access the homepage, and I got nothing—a competely blank window. I asked myself, “What was the last thing did I do on this account” … and realized that it was uploaded the PHP page to which you’ve linked above. I fired up Dreamweaver, deleted the file and, lo and behold, my blog is now running as if nothing were the matter.

    I added Gatekeeper was a prophylactic measure—I’m not well known, which has afforded me the leisure to play without worry of comment-spamming. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? (Oh, and I decided to comment here first before writing a nasty-gram on my blog about it … even though that isn’t my style, either.)

  5. Kurtis: can I assume you read through the text on the Gatekeeper page, and as a result tried adding the challenge-posing call to your comment form when things went wrong having just activated the plugin?

  6. Umm … well …

    I was running an earlier version, and it worked perfectly. I didn’t see the “blank page” issue until after uploading and activating the new version. Come to think of it, I don’t think I deactivated the old version before uploading the new one … my bad!

    I’ll give it another go: since I completely deleted it from my WordPress installation, maybe it will work more smoothly the second time around. I’ll update my WP install first: I don’t remember having done that yet.

  7. Following up … I just updated my site and uploaded Gatekeeper. When I logged into the admin console, Gatekeeper was already running, just like it was before … except now, everything is working as it should be, including the other challenge/reponse that I wrote (“What color is the sky?”).

    Although I generally try to eschew cargo-cult programming, perhaps I shouldn’t look at this gift-horse too closely. Besides, I just read my BSP’s (Blog Service Provider (-;) support forum, and there have been some other glitches on the shared server where my account is located. Maybe the server was just having a bad evening.

    If I had to guess, I’d say it was my failing to deactivate the plugin before updating it that caused the annoyance. This is an excellent plugin, by the way. I guess it just goes to show—nothing can ever be completely foolproof, because fools (like yours truly) are so ingenious.


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