MW Latest Tweet 1.1b1

Published 15 years, 9 months past

There’s a new beta of MW Latest Tweet available.  It does four new things.  Four and a half if you count the new options setting as a half.

  1. All the files are in the mw_latest_tweet directory now, instead of having the plugin PHP outside of that directory like 1.0 did.  Yeah, I know, that should’ve been the case all along.  Sorry!  Learning on the job here.

    If you’re upgrading from 1.0, you should probably delete the 1.0 file and directory outright before uploading the 1.1b1 directory.  Alternatively, you should be able to upload 1.1b1, deactivate 1.0, activate 1.1b1, and then delete just the 1.0 PHP file.  I haven’t tried that, so I don’t know if it will actually work, but it seems like it should.

  2. URLs within a tweet are turned into hyperlinks for easy clickin’.  To go with this new feature, there’s a new option on the settings page to either shorten displayed URLs, like does, or to not shorten them.  The default is to shorten, which means any URL 29 or more characters long gets shortened to 27 characters and gains a trailing ellipsis.  Again, like Twitter does it—although I used an ellipsis entity and not three periods.

    Note that if you upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1b1, this setting may default to “No” instead of “Yes”.  I’m not sure why, but it’s a pretty low-priority item right now.

  3. On a related note, @names are autolinked as well.  I’m using the pattern [A-Za-z0-9_] since that’s what Twitter says are valid characters for a username even though if you type in a grawlix on the signup page it will tell you, in nice bold green letters, that it’s available.

  4. If you want to see everything the plugin has cached, append &debug to the end of the plugin’s setting page URL and hit return.  You’ll get the settings page with a dump of the cached data at the end.  This is clumsy and will be much less so before 1.1 final.  I’m thinking click a link, enter debug mode.  Probably won’t go all AJAXy, though you never know.

So that’s the state of things.  Let me know if anything breaks.

Comments (14)

  1. And what may I ask is this Eric?

    Does this explain it?

    I don’t know if you have just picked it up as a fad Eric but just where do you stand?

  2. Is American the land of the free or is America a police state?

    Remove these criminals in Washington from power. The world does not want WW3.

  3. Huh? Everything alright with you, Alan?

  4. I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself, Matthias.

    Alan, I’m not sure what you’re on about, but something tells me it has nothing to do with the subject of the post. Let’s therefore leave things as they are, please, so I don’t have to invoke the “irrelevant to the topic at hand” clause below. Thanks.

  5. So, if Twitter doesn’t respond… what’s the timeout interval? And where can that be edited?

    Also, what’s up with this?


    …and is this related, or explainable in any way?

    As habits go, i really cannot recommend that in good conscience. So where do you stand on this matter?

  6. jeremy, the timeout interval is ten seconds. It’s defined in the routine _mw_lt_get_stream(), and can’t be set in the plugin’s preferences: seemed too obscure to clutter up the UI. Are there strong arguments to do otherwise?

  7. I should have downloaded it first, it was easy to find. Ten seconds seems reasonable enough, though i might change it to five since Twitter is always down and ten seconds is a long time for a page to load.

    How easily could i get this to display the last few tweets?

    p.s., awesome plugin

  8. Thanks, jeremy! Doing multiple tweets would probably take some work restructuring the code, since the plugin was and its structures were intentionally designed to show a single tweet and no more (otherwise I’d have called it “Latest Tweets“). It might be an interesting challenge, though!

  9. I’ll be sure to test the beta out and let you know if there are any bugs. Thanks Eric!

  10. Hello Eric.

    I’m using MW Latest Tweet 1.0 plugin for my blog (WordPress 2.6.3) and it working very well.

    But i installed WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 on localhost and this plugin is not working now. I think it’s not compatible with WordPress 2.7.

    However. I wonder is MW Latest Tweet 1.1b compatible with WordPress 2.7? Anyone have tested it?


  11. Ah i forgot this error screenshot under WP 2.7B1:

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s incompatible– I haven’t tested it yet. On the other hand, that error reminds me of problems we were having between PHP4 and PHP5. Which version of PHP are you using?

  13. I’m using PHP 5.2.6. Other informations is here:

  14. MW Latest Tweet 1.1b is working on WP 2.7 Beta 3! Yay!

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