Published 15 years, 9 months past

I hope I’m not too late to say so, but the early bird registration deadline for An Event Apart Chicago is this coming Monday.  Last chance to save $100 on the last show of 2008!

Between now and the Chicago event, I’ll be back in lovely Destin, Florida for this year’s edition of the CIW conference at which I spoke last year.  This time around I’ll be doing a blend of beginner and advanced CSS, plus a more reflective talk on the state of the web as I see it bothj now and in the near future.

In a like vein, I’ll be taking much the same topics and messages to the stage of Web Directions East in Tokyo, Japan.  Thanks to both personal and professional obligations, overseas travel is a rarity for me these days, and furthermore this will be only my second appearance in Asia (the first having been WWW2005), so this is a rare opportunity to catch me away from the Americas.  I think everyone should go.  C’mon, we’ve had people come all the way to the U.S. from places as far away as Bulgaria, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore (twice!) to attend AEA, so what’s your excuse?

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  1. Well come back to Japan, Eric!

  2. I’m really looking forward to AEA. As for Japan, I’ll have to pass. Unless you are offering to pay my way, of course. :)

  3. I really, really wish I could afford AEA. Maybe I’ll stand outside with a sign that says “Will write semantic (X)HTML for AEA ticket.” It’d be nice to meet you & the rest of the crew–and some of the Chicago-based community–outside of the Twitterverse, though, so I suppose it’s time to scrounge through the couch! ;)

  4. Hi Eric, Just wanted to say thanks for the colour tool, I have used it as a learning tool so If I ever re-visit colour theory I will approach it with more knowledge, I couldnt find a contact form elsewhere so I posted here ;)

  5. My workplace is sending me to AEA – Chicago; not quite sure how they are transporting me there though I offered to ride the MegaBus to save some $. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ll try to say hello.

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