Published 18 years, 6 months past

When I asked folks for their input on satellite TV providers, it simply didn’t occur to me that nearly every entry would get caught in my spam filters, thanks to an influx of DirecTV spam I experienced many months ago.  I’d use that as a criterion for choosing my service, except I got hit with Dish Network spam around the same time.

So thank you, spammers of the world, for once again putting a damper on legitimate communication.  Don’t you all have a suicide cult you could join or something?

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  1. I hear that satellite is no match to cable when it comes to reception. Any thoughts on this? A friend of mine told me that he’s tried it and has since switched back to cable because he didn’t care for his internet connection being “intermittent.”

  2. For TV only, Satellite is a pretty good option. Here in Auckland, New Zealand the only way to access a wide range of channels is to sign up for Satellite service. Cable service is only avaliable in certain suburbs in our capital, Wellington, and Christchurch.

    From what I’ve heard it’s pretty reliable although there is a national outoage at least twice every year when the sun and the satellitee are in position where the sun blocks out the service — but only for minutes at a time and only 2x each year.

    But I agree with Eric regarding Satellite Internet. I would go for Cable/ADSL or even Wireless but not Satellite if I could. A company sold satellite internet here in the late 1990’s and lots of people complained about the quality of service and eventually it was dropped as soon as ADSL had decent enough coverage.

  3. Nasty spammers! A suicide cult? That sounds far to kind, how about an elephant sodomy cult?

    Sory for the nasty words :)

  4. Just be thankfull that you wern’t asking on advice on what medication to take to combat ED. You’d never see a single comment!

  5. I take great joy in watching the AOL commercial where the spammer smacks into the closing glass doors. I’m looking forward to future commercials whereby he might be pushed in front of a city bus.

    Actually, I’m remembering the Dead Cat books from the 80s and wondering if I might revive the line with 101 Uses for a Dead Spammer.

  6. My cable signal was way worse than my satellite signal is, even in heavy snow.

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