Perfect Packaging

Published 18 years, 8 months past

Now that’s how you package parts.  It’s almost enough to take the fear out of the words “Some Assembly Required”.

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  1. Is that parts for IKEA furniture? (or maybe an IKEA knockoff….)

  2. Your S5 operative field kit contains:

    A. Ammunition for Model A7 flechette gun (2 clips, 7 rounds each)
    B. Spare bobbins (18)
    C. Mentos (10)
    D. Size 4 corks (6)
    E. Jacks/Caltrops (4)
    F. Brass golf tees (4)
    G. Harmonica (with mounting bracket)
    H. Preparation

  3. In a perfect world…

  4. Elaine: It’s actually the parts for a toy chest bought at Target.

    Craig: Brilliant!

    Jason: …all sites would be standards-compliant.

  5. Jason… Eric would run for President…

  6. I just built the same toy chest. The screws for the safety latch were too small and I had to replace them with a larger headed screw. But I had the same impression about the labeling. Although once you remove the backing and turn the container over, all the labels can no longer be seen ;) But hey, got to use my new Black & Decker cordless screwdriver!

  7. My son Lex still uses the steps (from the same product line) and it had the same impressive packaging. Good stuff. He loves it.

    Thanks for sharing this. I now recall just how painless that was to assemble.

  8. Kinda looks like the packaging for my bride’s new iBook… ;-)

  9. Looks nice but hard to open.

  10. I’m all for packaging reduction. After working in a corp that refused to recognize the benefits of reduced packaging (though I agree that sophisticated packaging does == perceived value), I find myself extremely purturbed by massive or even reckless overpackaging.

    At the same time, i expect my tofu chickenstrips to be vacuumpacked anyway.

    go figure.

  11. I must add that if i have to (try) to quickly open another plastic form-packed pair of headphones or any other type of package again, without scratching myself and clumsily reaching for the xacto, i’ll just scream! (yes, theft-prevention, etc. etc…)

  12. hehe nice one craig :)
    I like the package! -I bought a storage place from wood a while back and I got all of these in one useless bag :I

  13. All you need is a blade to open. Also, the environmental benifits of that type of packaging are enourmous in comparison to traditional packaging. IKEA also saves money. Good for the company, good for the environment, and good for the consumer. I cannot see any downside!

  14. I think it could be a bit better.

    Labels for the pieces should be displayed on the other side of the package (the paper side). The paper side would include perforations around each section of the plastics bubbles with a pull tab.

    This would allow you to access pieces in the bubbles w/o a tool, and leave the pieces in the bubbles and use it as a tray.

    My 2 cents.

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