When Printing Kills

Published 18 years, 8 months past

Here’s a fascinating little tidbit: on some users’ machines, attempts to print out Joe Clark‘s ALA article “Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility” would crash Internet Explorer.  The error message mentioned a script error in line 1401: “Object doesn’t support this property or method”.  Funny thing: we weren’t doing any scripting.  The error was actually occurring shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg, which is of course a piece of the operating system.

Jason did some sleuthing and traced the crash to this line of markup:

<h2 id="tags">Tags and structure</h2>

Honestly, that was it.  So Jeffrey renamed the ID to read:

<h2 id="structure">Tags and structure</h2>

So far as we know, no more crashing in Explorer.

Ain’t browsers a slice?

(And yes, we’re aware of the clamor for a print style sheet.  More on this later.)

Update: Marten Veldthuis from Strongpsace points out that 37signals ran into a very similar problem in Backpack.  Details can be found in Jamis Buck‘s June 3rd post ie-is-teh-3v1lSpread the word: “tags” is effectively a reserved keyword, even though no such concept exists in (X)HTML.  Use it at your (users’) peril.

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  1. Wow, more problems with id=”tags”? 37Signals also had problems with it in Backpack, Jamis blogged it up a little while ago.

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  3. ahhh… but did you spin clockwise or counterclockwise 3 times before you clucked like a chicken, hopped up and down on one leg and started typing?

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  6. Is this related to Microsoft’s abandoned plan to include Smart Tags based on the words in a web page?

  7. Hey, good tip, I think I have to change a site of mine

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  12. Unfortunately, I’m having a similar problem with Firefox on a site I’m working on, printing causes Firefox to lock up. I have to kill the process to use it again. Anybody know of any specific issues I should be aware of?

  13. Under Microsoft’s DHTML, I guess tags would be a reserved word.

    Because they have that pesky document.all collection, which introduces the tags method, which is akin to document.getElementsByTagName. If you have an element with an id=”foo” then document.all.foo would be a reference to that element.

    if you have an element with an id=”tags”, then document.all.tags is now a reference to that element, and no longer a method of the document.all object.

    It seems this is also true of the other document.all methods ( item, namedItem, and urns ). If you create a simple HTML page with a button whose onclick=”alert(document.all.item)”, clicking the button you will get something like:
    function item(){
    [native code]

    If you add an element with id=”item” then run the test again, you will see [object].

    I don’t know if all four of these keywords will have side-effects like breaking printing, but they certainly would break javascript in unexpected ways if that javascript tries to use micorsoft’s document.all object.

  14. Kevin– I wondered if it would have something to do with Microsoft’s document.tags. Your point about the other keywords is one I hadn’t taken into consideration, though. Time to construct some test cases. Thanks!

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  17. Why does Microsoft keep making certain works reserved words. Does that MSSmartTagsPreventParsing set to “true” not fix that issue?

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  19. That is sad..

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  21. I also ran into an IE CSS oddity when doing some JavaScript on my own site.

    The comment live preview code I use relies on an <input id="author" /> tag. Seems like a reasonable choice for an ID, right? Well once I added a <meta name="author" /> tag my JavaScript stopped working and I got the same “Object doesn”t support this property or method” message.

    From what I could gather, IE would return the meta tag to a getElementById call. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to really research further into this problem. Maybe I should make some time…

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  31. I have seen this a few times before with other words used for id’s.
    If only I had thought to keep a note of them …

  32. This is nearly identical to the Netscape 4.x bug that prevented form submission if the submit button had the attribute name=”submit” (not Submit, just submit).

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  38. Tags ! That’s it !
    I could kiss you.

  39. Just run into this problem myself. Our user’s couldn’t print our online docs… hmm, I had never had any probs in Firefox…

    Bloody IE! Bloody Microsoft! I’ve wasted a good couple of hours on this…

  40. I appologise for previous comments as trying to put the html tags which are breaking IE while printing. It breaks IE6 and IE7 but works on firefox.

    <input type="radio" disabled="disabled" checked="checked"/>Some
    <font color="black">File Number:</font></td>

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  42. I have my web page designed using DIVs. It also has a Display Tag component (JSP Taglib) which produces a grid using TABLE tab. When I issue print command (Ctrl-P) from this page, and chooses to have landscape mode, IE6 crashes. For Portrait mode, it works fine. I am not using tags as the div id or name. I have Windows 2003 Server running IE6 browser. No separate printing CSS is being used.
    Any pointers?

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  44. Some more reserved Ids:

    On Internet Explorer 6, using id = ‘type’ or ‘description’ or ‘positioning’ will cause ie to crash if you try to access them via document.getElementByID….

    That sucks

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