Unfortunately Eric

Published 18 years, 5 months past

Thanks to The Wolf‘s pointer to The Other Wolf‘s post, I now bring you “Unfortunately Eric”.

Unfortunately, Eric mentions it, but doesn’t really discuss aa major concern of many…
You mean your misspelling of the word “a”?  I didn’t want to harp on it.
Unfortunately Eric Doesn’t Look Old Enough to Remember MS C 7.0…
Sure I am.  I just don’t want to remember it.
Unfortunately, Eric and Felecia are now against Lisa and the Wildlife preserve.
They started it!
She and Eric had been living with Dan in Hawaii for a while, but unfortunately, Eric had to go back home for a family emergency before we got there.
And that’s how she and Dan ended up together, whereas I ended up on the streets.  Crazy times…
Unfortunately Eric takes several wrong turns on the twisty, identical, unlabeled streets leading to Dog Boys (entirely due to a lack of preparation)…
In my defense, I was totally prepared for Cat Boys.
Unfortunately Eric has not released those precious gems of 415 golden songs, nor the EMB II album, as Eric left the group for other projects…
They weren’t very danceable anyway.
Unfortunately, Eric didn’t receive the letter until after the dance.
Story of my life.
Unfortunately, Eric had a couple of problems.
Your count seems a bit low.
Unfortunately, Eric had an appetite for destruction – which he never had the opportunity to quench…
unfortunately eric is not only drop dead f*cking gorgeous he…
Oh, stop.
Unfortunately, Eric did not live long enough to witness the legend he created.
Aw crap.  Did I drop dead again?

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for this post to throw Google’s results out of whack.  (Answer: three days.)

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  1. Don’t overlook the gems “is experiencing some side effects from the drug” and “has a knack for getting into mischief.”

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  3. Jim: I did consider those but they didn’t consistently appear in the results. So I left them out. Still:

    “Unfortunately, Eric is experiencing some side effects from the drug, particularly
    fatigue and loss of appetite.”

    Also, I think I’m Ethel Merman. “You’ll be swell! You’ll be great!…”

    “Unfortunately Eric has a knack for getting into mischief.”

    Oh, I’m a little scamp, I am.

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  5. Woah, a search on “Unfortunately Drew” brings up a bunch of results about me. Looks like I’m a pretty unfortunate guy, unfortunately.

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  7. I got: “Unfortunately, Lachlan drowned while in the motor car.”

    I hope that isn’t a premonition!

  8. Hey that’s scary :D, here some rather positive stuff that I got…
    Fortunately, Josh and I were prepared and locked ourselves
    in a room until it was time to eat.”

  9. Just found this site. I’m a teacher who is doing Danny, the Champion of the World with my students, and we were researching what exactly toad-in-the-hole is…found your entry from a few years back on how your mother made it for you after completing this same book…you remember your mother well and poignantly in various entries. I hope you and your family are well.
    Nic Corey

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  11. I got one hit.

  12. It seems that it took about 3 days for your post to mess with the Google results. Interestingly, as I tried it out for myself and got auto-trackbacked, your site is also now 2nd result for “Unfortunately Bryan”!!!

    Pagerank is wonderful thing…

  13. Well I cried, left the country, and my car seat was involved in an accident. What the?

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  15. I didn’t turn up anything funny! I’m dead, I’ve got breast cancer, I’m critised for falling into the trap of disability stereotyping, I’ve overdosed and I’ve lost my whole litter of five kittens.

    Ah – found something funny on page three…I’m aggressive, I don’t like being handled and I’m not house trained. Hmm … no invites to Eric’s next soup party then.

  16. That’s some funny conversation .. he he he

  17. Well, given that my name occurs predominantly in pets (“Oh, I used to have a dog named Toby!” “Hey, I had a goldfish named Toby!” … always past tense…), somehow I was mauled by three dogs, I became a Chupacabra, and, unfortunately, I don’t have the claws to rip off my owner’s face. Crud. And all on page one…

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  19. I happened on this posting and it took me a few minutes to figure out what you all were talking about, but I got it.

    I especially enjoyed Toby’s pet name results.

    I have been a fan of Eric for many years, and thank you for the good laugh.

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