Published 18 years, 3 months past
If you’re bothered by the fact that you weren’t bothered by a thought you just had, isn’t the thought just bothering you by proxy?

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  1. Oh, bother.

  2. I’m a little bothered by the fact that this post isn’t bothering me more than it is.

  3. Why are you bothering us with this?

  4. i’m bothered that i thought botheration was a word you just made up until i checked

  5. I can’t bother to imagine why you even bothered to write that post…

  6. Although both, er, viewpoints are vaild…

    Can’t believed I bothered you with that…

  7. You reminded me that there is something I’ve forgotten.

  8. Why am I reminded of Winnie the Pooh?

    And why does that bother me?

  9. I wasn’t bothered at all ’til I read this.

  10. I’m not bovvered! Do I look bovvered?
    (I think you have to be British to understand that!)

  11. Better bothered than buttered

  12. A negation loop. Awesome…

  13. Well … obviously it’s … erm…

    My brain hurts :-(

  14. Oh brother.

  15. I forgot an anniversary
    she’s come to bother me…

  16. I’m assuming this post was provoked by a particular situation in which you had a thought that you believed should have bothered you, but it didn’t … and therefore it bothered you.

    Perhaps you have had a recent adjustment in certain personal values which meant that traditionally you would have been bothered by a certain thought, but now no longer – and perhaps this change in values or temporary environmental shift influencing values has come about without your conscience knowledge.

    For example you may have previously suffered from OCD, and now due to certain situations you no longer care about anything and are bothered when the impulse to do everything twice is no longer present.

    Perhaps it stems from sensory overload – you used to get fired up everytime you saw a Fortune 500 non-compliant site, but now you’ve seen so many it no longer bothers you … and it bothers you it no longer bothers you.

    Something like that? :-)

  17. Totally understanding, totally bothering. Partially understanding, patially bothering. Not understanding, not bothering.

  18. Should I be bothered that I’m usually amused that the thought may once have bothered me? :)

  19. That is just a bit too deep a thought to start my Monday with…

  20. Nathanael: No. But they’re interesting speculations.

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  23. Happens to me with every single thought, unless the thought doesnt bother me..

  24. I think that “botheration” is a word that Chuck Berry invented for his song Too Much Monkey Business. He also created “motorvating” for Maybelline.

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