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Published 18 years, 4 months past

In keeping with Molly‘s recent conversations with comment spam, I present to you a back-handed compliment (or is it?) that I found in my moderation queue:

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

Wow.  Harsh.

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  1. Think positive! It’s got to be a compliment – perhaps the person thinks so highly of you that they assume you’ve been selected for ascension to a higher plane of existence … or … something.

  2. It looks like a non-English person’s comment, where the meaning has been twisted by an unfortunate translation. At least it seems praiseful at the start and end. Maybe “long departed” wasn’t what they meant, but something along the lines of “long published”?

  3. Perhaps the bot read your “Botheration” post with all it’s comments and that’s why it came to its conclusion Eric? ;-) Now it thinks we have all lost out minds.

  4. I got one today which also is rather comical.

    Hey this is a great blog and I really enjoyed all these comments. I really need to think about implementing one myself. I am surprised how many comments you get. Great work!

    If my blog is so great, why is he surprised that I receive so many comments?

  5. This is the first I’ve heard of your demise. Does this mean all those Meyer books I’ve got stacked up at home are worth more money?

  6. As i dont know any active blog of allready “departed” person,
    i would say it is a matter of the language. Otherwise i think,
    that you are entering a new phase of your life – having the very first
    “ghost blog” and of course becoming a legend, as the “not yet departed” can not have this honor.

  7. yes, random copy generator with some preference set to “piss people off!” Or maybe set to create maximum noise? Does anyone remember when a random email sent by accident was interesting to read?

    What will it be like sifting through comments / discussion forums in the next ten years?

  8. Comment spam has come a long way… I remember the days where they sounded like blatant copywriting. At least now they try to sound sophisticated…

    And to think that some spam sound so genuine! I sometimes have problems deleting comment spam that praise my work, even though I know they’re spam!

  9. Brent – I envisage a world where anonymity is not an option, where everyone’s online activites are bound to their personal identity card, where you send email not from email address to another email address but from a person to another person. Where it’s not possible to send anonymous emails from one of your many Hotmail or Yahoo accounts under various aliases. A world where spam or unsolicited email is just not technologically possible.


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