Published 17 years, 8 months past

I’m very pleased to announce that as of yesterday, I am no longer married to Kat.  Instead, I am now married to Doctor Kat.  Dr. Kathryn Meyer, if you want to be a little more formal about it.

Yesterday morning, Kat successfully defended her dissertation, “The Temporal Patterns of Interruptions During the First Postpartum Day”, and thus earned the title Doctor of Practical Nursing.

And there was much rejoicing.

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  1. Awesome!

    Do I get to be the first to congratulate Kat via your web site? :D

  2. I was sort of surprised and worried with the first sentence. But by the second I was very happy for you already. :)


  3. Congratulations Kat!

    Man! With two phrases you made me skip a heartbeat and go up and down an emotional rollercoaster.

    “I”m very pleased to announce…”
    Thought: Oh, cool, he’s going to announce the arrival of a new baby.
    Emotional state: up

    “…that as of yesterday, I am no longer married to Kat.”
    Thought: Ack! He’s getting divorced! How weird that he’s ‘pleased to announce’ it.
    Emotional state: down and slightly confused

    “Instead, I am now married to Doctor Kat.”
    Thought: Oh! Cool! Phewph!
    Emotional state: up and relieved


  4. Whew! and Woot!

  5. Ok, so where can we get a PDF copy?

  6. Way to fake us out! ;-) Congratulations

  7. Congratulations! Had me a bit worried too.

  8. Congrats to Dr Kat!

  9. Congratulations to Kat!

  10. The jist of said dissertation – when mothers should expect to be disturbed by their new baby/babies ?

    Congrats to Dr Kat.

  11. Congratulations Dr. Kat. Eric was telling me how hard you’ve been working on this. Love to all.


  12. Congratulations, Dr. Kat, Medicine Woman!

  13. Congratulations to you and your wife.
    I do hope that the new title means an increase income to the household.
    I say this because Australia has a great many thirty-somethings who hold doctorates and Phd’s – but still work at fast-food eateries and mass-production factories.
    I hope Kat’ is one of the lucky ones who can use this title to her advantage. I am sure she will.
    And like your prior commentors, my heart skipped a beat at the thirteenth word!

  14. That is tremendous news, and no doubt well deserved. Will we be able to post medical questions in the comments? I’ve got a problem with…

    Just kidding.

  15. that may be strange, but i’d like to be informed of that dissertation.. lol

    not that i’m a dumb curious, i’m a manager of some parenting/motherhood websites, and i’m always in search of these studies and analysis… so you can email me the text you Kat is interested to share.. :)

    and this is a great announcement… as your intend was to fool us with an announced divorce, i was not fooled at all… lol… stupefied i can say btw.. :)

  16. Congratulations to Kat and to you, Eric!

    I’m sure that many of us would be interested in reading at least a summary of the findingd of her dissertation, if she was interested in posting it.

  17. Congratulations Dr. Kathryn! ;)

  18. Congratulations Kat!!

  19. And her personal page isn’t updated because why? :)

    I was so proud of my wife when she completed her Master’s last year, so I know what a happy event this must be for both of you.

    Congrats, Kat. And I add my vote to wanting to see the dissertation.

  20. Contrats Kat! As a lactivist and someone who is concerned about my wife’s abilities to have a well handled birthing experience, I’d also like to know more about that dissertation :)


  21. How marvelous! Congratulations to Dr. Kat.

    Please do publish at least a part of your dissertation. Your work deserves a wide audience.


  22. Congrats! Give her a big hug from me and Gill :)

  23. Congratulations!

  24. Congratulations Kat!

  25. Congrats!!!!

  26. That first part gave me a coronary. After I got out of the hospital, I read the remaining bit. Congrats to Kat! Well done.

  27. Woot!!!

  28. glückwunsch from switzerland!!!

  29. Congrats Kat! Good for you!

  30. Congrats Kat!
    Well done!

  31. wooooohooooo – Congrats to you and Kat!!!

    I am sure after all the hard work and nights spent pulling her hair out Kat is finally able to breath again… just…. i would like to wish the both of you success for the future and hope Kat makes as big an impact as you have done on the web sphere.



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